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The differences between what the Paseo Club offers vs. what a Gym offers

October 13th, 2021 | 15 min. read

The differences between what the Paseo Club offers vs. what a Gym offers

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Paseo Club vs. A Gym

Looking for a place to work out that fits all of your fitness wants and needs can be difficult at times. In addition to that, the decision process can be both stressful and exhausting in itself. 

When considering purchasing a gym membership or a membership at a fitness club, you have to consider many factors such as how far is this place located from my home, is it always crowded during the time I want to work out, how much is the membership monthly, and am I getting the most bang for my buck? 

Now, it is apparent that most people know what a gym is and that it offers various amenities such as a plethora of exercise equipment and exercise classes. Even though many individuals love a Gym atmosphere and feel that what it has to offer is more than enough, some people are always looking for a place with more than just that. 

Today we are going to go into full discussion and address any questions you may have about the differences between what a Gym has to offer versus what the Paseo Club has to offer. 



It is well known that gyms are a large facility that is primarily dedicated to working out. Most gyms, in general, are equipped with cardio equipment, free weights, resistance training machines, stretching areas, locker rooms, and sometimes even saunas. 

However, Gyms are not only geared towards working out with equipment individually, but many also offer group exercise classes. This enables individuals to make friends with others, all while exercising and getting fit. 

If group classes aren’t your thing, then it is extremely common to find personal trainers that are driven towards helping individuals to meet their personal fitness goals.  

If you think joining a gym may be the right choice for you then we recommend you join one. Some of the many gyms located in the Santa Clarita Valley are Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Hardcore Fitness.  


Gyms aren’t commonly known for having tennis courts. However some gyms do have indoor racquetball courts. What is so great about playing racquetball at a gym is that a majority of the time, the courts are located inside. 

With our region of California being so hot and dry most of the year, it is nice to play a sport that enables you to have fun and exercise, while indoors in a temperature controlled area. This keeps your body cool and out of the scorching heat. 

Another plus to playing racquetball is that it gives you the opportunity to play alone or play with friends. This is a great way to spend some alone time or quality time with others.



Gym Equipment 

Something that is quite obvious about a gym is the fact it has gym equipment. At almost every gym you will find cardio equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair steppers, and rowers. 

If you are a heavy lifter or like weight machines then, you will also find equipment at a gym geared towards more strength intense workouts such as machines meant for leg extension, leg press, bicep curl, chest press, cable bench, squat racks, and much more. 

There is no doubt that your workout possibilities at a gym are endless, leaving you more than capable of accomplishing your exercise goals and dreams. 


An excellent amenity that a handful of gyms have are junior-olympic sized pools. Many gyms have pools as a way to exercise, get fit, and burn calories. 

Pools aren’t only used for exercise, but they are used for aquatic therapy and muscle recovery as well. 

At many gyms with pools you can find aquatic classes to take such as swim classes and water aerobics. These are both excellent ways to stay in shape and expand your social circle along the way as well. 



For individuals who are avid basketball players or individuals who like to shoot some hoops every once in a while, then a gym might be the right place for you. Not every gym has a basketball court but those who do make it a plus.

If you want to exercise in a temperature controlled environment refraining from sun exposure then a gym with an indoor basketball court might be ideal for you. 

A great addition to having a basketball court at a gym is the social aspect, it gives you time to make friends, be competitive, and have fun at the same time.


Group Exercise Classes

When joining a gym, a lot of people like to join because of the social aspect. What is so great about most gyms is that they offer group exercise classes. These classes get people motivated to work out and have fun in a group setting.

Each gym usually has designated class schedules with specific trainers who run them. If you are interested in taking any classes it is best to call your gym or one you are interested in to make sure they provide them. 

By working out in a group setting it promotes self motivation and friendly competition which is excellent for an individuals health. 


Kids Daycare

Are you an individual trying to balance a life with children while wanting to get fit? Then a gym might be the place for you. Depending on the type of gym in your area, most gyms offer some sort of child care while you workout. 

This gives you the opportunity to let your child play and have fun while you get to spend some personal time working out and getting fit. Nothing is more important than the safety of your child, so knowing you are just a few steps away from them while you are working out gives you the best of both worlds.

Paseo Club

The Paseo Club is a well-respected Private Club, that enables you to open an entire life of social connections and calendaring. Here at the Paseo Club, you will always have something fun to do. 

You can relax, engage, and explore every avenue that suits your needs here at the Paseo Club. From the minute you arrive here, you’ll be supported by our team of professionals every step of the way. 

Here at the Paseo Club, we have the best of both worlds due to the fact we have both fitness and fun here. Between the courts, the pool, the fitness, and pilates studio, and the pickleball porch, you’ll be spending a lot of good quality time here at the Paseo Club. 

There is no doubt that social connections are sure to follow, especially with member mixers, events, and new people to form lasting friendships.  



If you are an individual who is interested in tennis and loves to play, then the Paseo Club may be an excellent fit for you. A hugely positive aspect of having 11 tennis courts here at the Paseo Club is that it gives you the ability to play tennis with friends in your free time. 

Even if you don’t want to take classes, then you can specifically come to the Paseo Club to just play tennis casually or even competitively. 



There is no doubt that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the nation, and because of the growing interest, the Paseo Club has built eleven new pickleball courts for our members to learn how to play.

If you have never played the sport before, then no need to worry, because we have private lessons, group clinics, and drill classes that enable you to learn the game individually or with other people in your skill level.

With a Court Membership at the Paseo Club, it gives you the ability to reserve courts for your use, which is great if you want to play some 1 v 1’s or 2 v 2’s in your free time. 


Clinics and Leagues 

There are many benefits to joining the Paseo Club, and even specifically with a Court Membership because you can join our clinics which are classes that help you strengthen your skills and leagues that put your skills to the test, by playing real competitive matches. 

Not only can you become more skillful in your court sport of choice, but you can also make friends along the way. 

Our experienced instructors make your life easier on the court, whether they’re teaching you the sport from the ground up or sharpening the skills you already have.  


Gym equipment

One of the things that the Paseo Club is known for is our fitness facility. With any of our memberships, members are granted unlimited and full access to our newly renovated three-story fitness center. 

A huge incentive when being a member here at the Paseo Club is that there is no need to worry about finding space to workout, because our fitness center is over 10,000 square feet, leaving you more than plenty of room for any kind of workout you are wanting to do.  

Located near our fitness facility is an additional outdoor space that is specified for heavy lifting, leaving you even more space to work out and become the best version of yourself. 

 Not only do we have a plethora of exercise equipment, but we also have TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) equipment, which can be located in our very own Tribe Room. TRX enables you to use your full body weight to work out, not to mention it has many health benefits as well.  

With our wide variety of spaces to workout and gear such as free weights, machines, and cardio equipment, this allows members to target any and every muscle group they want to focus on leaving all of your exercise goals fulfilled.

While you’re working out, you also have access to our locker rooms. Not only do our locker rooms provide you with a safe space to store your personal belongings throughout your workout, but it also is equipped with a sauna that enables you to relax your muscles afterward as well. 


GroupEx classes

Over 70 weekly group exercise classes are included in your membership for no additional cost. 

In our humble opinion, these are some of the most motivating and transformational group exercise programs in the valley. We not only offer small group classes but we have larger group classes as well, which are held both indoors and outdoors. 

There is a wide range of various class options taught by seasoned instructors here at The Paseo Club. Classes such as cycling, kickboxing, cardio, pilates, and yoga are just some of our many favorite class options here that incorporate both fitness and fun. 

For many members, group exercise is a HUGE incentive. 


The Pool, the Cafe, and the Bar

Another wonderful amenity at the Paseo Club is the swimming pool. Our Junior-Olympic-sized pool is perfect for both exercise or relaxation. 

The pool is also open all year long for recreational use, so you can jump in the water with friends and family or take a moment to relax on your own. Soak in the sun, or beat the heat in the shaded seating areas.

Just beside the pool is our cafe, where you can feast on a variety of different food options. From light snacks to heavy meals, the cafe menu has something for every member to enjoy.

The Paseo Club also has a recently renovated bar for you to come and relax. You can meet other members while you enjoy some of the creations from our talented bartenders.


“Kids Club” at Paseo Club

Here at the Paseo Club, we have activities for individuals of all ages. From 3 months until 12 years, our Kids Club is a haven for your little ones to grow, play and learn. While you get to schedule your life at Paseo Club, you’ll rest easy knowing your kids are well cared for and thriving in the Kids Club. 

Kids Club and Kids Corner allow you to find that much-needed balance in your life, allowing you to have some personal free time to participate in various activities at the Paseo Club, such as working out, part-taking in member events such as Wine Down Wednesdays, expanding your social circle, or learning a new sport such as pickle ball. 


You’re invited to some of Santa Clarita’s parties and events

Between the courts, the pool, the fitness center, and the patio, the Paseo Club is an exciting and beautiful environment to have fun with old friends and meet new ones.

Although we have fun events all the time, some only come around every month or even once a year.

Every year, you’ll be invited to some of the best parties in the Santa Clarita Valley. Halloween, the Luau, and A Night Under the Stars are just a few of our annual events. 

One of our most exciting monthly events is our Member Mixers. Every month, the Paseo Club hosts an event for all members to hang out. Eat some delicious complimentary food and play a game or two with the family. Each Member Mixer has a different theme, from baseball to fiesta!

In addition to our annual and monthly events, we have a few events that happen every week. Taco Tuesdays, Wine Down Wednesdays, and Dive-in Movie Nights are some of the events our members look forward to most.

Even when we’re not hosting an event, your social life can still thrive here every day. You and your family will make lifelong friends at the Paseo Club, so it always feels like a party!


Think you’re ready for a Membership at the Paseo Club?

If you are an individual who is looking to just workout, swim, and enjoy leisure activities the Paseo Club has to offer then a membership here may be ideal for you.

However, if you are looking to take part in the activities listed above, as well as play tennis and pickleball on our many courts, then we recommend taking a look at what the Court Membership has to offer. 

Do you feel like one of the Paseo Club Memberships we offer could be the right membership type for you? Come join us! 

The only way to know for sure if one of our memberships are right for you is to try it out for yourself. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial with us to try out the club and see if it’s a good match.

Now that we’ve answered any questions you might’ve had about our Membership types, we’re excited for you to come in and try out your new membership. Can’t wait to see you at the club!