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The top 6 problems with the Paseo Club in Santa Clarita Valley

November 14th, 2022 | 5 min. read

The top 6 problems with the Paseo Club in Santa Clarita Valley

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The staff and members of the Paseo Club love the club. 


They love the challenging fitness classes, the awesome court facilities, the gym, the pool, the spa, the parties, and the fundraisers. In fact, some people love it so much they practically live at the club.


But we understand that the Paseo Club is not for everyone. Actually, there is not one single product or service anywhere that is a perfect fit for everyone.


There are a lot of social clubs and fitness centers in the Santa Clarita Valley. They range in size, facilities, cost, culture, and location. We are a great option — but only for some of the people in the area.


In the interest of transparency, we will share with you what concerns we have received about the club. This feedback has come from both members and non-members.


In this article, we will take the opportunity to address those issues and explain a little about why we made the choices we did.


The Top 6 problems with the Paseo Club in SCV

1. No towel service

Some people have commented that we have no towel service. Though that is not exactly correct, our towel service has changed.


In the past, towels were made available in several places around the club. After an assessment of the cost the club incurred each month from towels that disappeared, we decided to keep all towels at the front desk.  


The intent is to minimize unnecessary costs for the club, so we can keep our rates affordable to our members. 


2. No scholarship/financial aid for members

Paseo Club is a private club, which means it runs as a business with the intent to be financially sustainable. 


Unlike publicly supported resources such as public schools or parks, the Paseo Club receives no outside funds.


Although the Paseo Club does not offer discounted scholarships to members, it does give back to the community by hosting charity fundraisers and donating free memberships to local organizations.


Scholarships to the Paseo junior programming for young tennis players are also available. 


3. The Paseo Club charges initiation fees

Initiation fees are typical at almost all types of private clubs. Country clubs, equity clubs, YMCAs, and many other clubs all charge initiation fees.


The initiation fee at the Paseo Club costs much less compared to many other gyms and clubs. Country clubs often charge thousands of dollars for their initiation fees.


The initiation fee to join Paseo Club helps to cover the costs of bringing a new member into the club and helping them to get established. 


It goes toward services such as the initial fitness assessment, towel service, free guest passes, free Intro to Pilates classes, and more.


A couple of times each year the initiation fee is waived for new members.  


Paseo also hosts charity events throughout the year. At times, the initiation fee gets donated to the cause. 


4. Limited availability at the Kids Club 

Kids Club is one of the most popular amenities at the Paseo Club. 


It is a place kids can make friends, play, and enjoy the company of the instructors.  


There are “light” times at Paseo Club when fewer people use the club. The staffing needs are less during these periods. 


Therefore, midday throughout the week and late afternoons on the weekends, Kids Club is not open.


5. Basic membership does not provide access to the entire club  

There are two membership options at the Paseo Club. 


  • Fitness membership includes all services EXCEPT the tennis and pickleball courts and their programming. The fitness membership is a discounted rate for those members who do not participate in court activities. 
  • Court membership provides access to the entire club. 


If you are unsure which membership is best for you, we encourage you to try our starter programs for tennis and pickleball. 


These programs are free to any member and give the opportunity to learn to play two sports with our professional instructors.

6. Added pricing for specific classes/events 

To help the Paseo Club to continue to evolve, we continue to find new and exciting programming to offer our members.  


In 2009, we renovated one of our fitness rooms to create a Pilates studio — complete with Allegra II reformers. 


Small group training options at Paseo Club allow members to have personalized training in smaller group sizes. These classes provide accountability and peer interaction at a lower cost than private training sessions. 


All the Paseo Club small group training cost additional, albeit they are more affordable than hiring a personal trainer.

How to choose the right fitness and social club option for you

At the Paseo Club, we are constantly scrutinizing our services to eliminate as many problems as possible and to meet the needs of our members as best as we can.


We want you to find the social and fitness resources that are best for you because we know how important health, wellness, and community is for all of us.


Some considerations for you to make when choosing a fitness and/or social club are:


  • Are their fees within my budget?
  • Do I already have friends attending this club?
  • Does the culture seem friendly and welcoming?
  • Does the club have the facilities or resources I want?
  • Is it located near my home or work so I can easily attend?


If you are new to the Santa Clarita Valley, are considering joining a fitness center for the first time, or think you want to attend a new place to exercise, you are invited to come in for a Paseo Club tour.


At the tour you can see the 8-acre grounds with indoor and outdoor workout spaces, the tennis and pickleball courts, junior-Olympic pool, and meet instructors and other members.


If you’d like to learn more about the club and what we offer to members, check out these three articles: