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Boredom Eating And How To Combat It

May 11th, 2020 | 1 min. read

Boredom Eating And How To Combat It

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By Nadine Young - Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutrionist

Boredom Eating: It’s happening in homes across the country and I’m getting a lot of dm’s asking how to stop it.


Knowledge is power... so let's break down the science.

Give yourself grace! If you’re eating a little more but you’re being kind, hanging with your immediate family, taking care of yourself, keeping your mental outlook in check and following stay at home orders...then Bravo! You're doing well!

Understand that eating produces Endorphins (the happy hormones). It’s natural and biological to reach for happy producing things right now. To keep it in check, you need to know that a lot of other things produce endorphins; exercise, dancing, art, laughing, music, meditating, breath work. So watch a comedy, doodle, dance in your kitchen, and laugh every chance you get!

Hunger can be real or hormonal. Hormonal hunger isn’t real and seldom means you need to eat. Have you ever had a meal Hugh in sugar and 1 hour later you feel SO HUNGRY?! That’s because the sugary meal spiked your blood sugar and when it dipped your hormones signaled your brain to eat more food.

Stop the hunger rollercoaster with extra protein, fiber or healthy fats.


Some foods increase Serotonin: salmon, eggs, spinach, and seeds increase the happiest hormone. If you’re feeling down, choose these all stars!

Your body can mistake thirst for hunger: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily, since time and potty breaks aren’t an issue when you’re home, take the time to stay hydrated!