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Mindful Eating

April 8th, 2020 | 2 min. read

Mindful Eating

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By Kelly Davis - Food & Beverage Director

From The Paseo Eatery to your home, we hope this finds you safe, happy and healthy.

During this “stay at home” Covid-19 Order we are all under our own personal stress.   We may be asking ourselves, does food affect our mood?  The answer is quite simply-- yes!

We want to feel both physically and mentally awake to allow us to pick up where we left off before this pandemic became our reality.

As the Food and Beverage Director and a mom of 2 boys, I have been putting my best foot forward to choose healthy options.  But who am I kidding? When I am feeling stressed, I opt for sugary and carb-loaded foods.  It is a temporary solution that does not make me feel better in the end.

I have made a personal decision to try mindful eating for better physical and mental health.  It will go a long way during this trying time.  With a recipe of research, job-related experience and good old fashioned mother intuition, here are 9 foods that can lift your mood and make you feel happier!  I am, personally, going to give them a try. Care to join me??

  1. Fatty Fish (salmon and albacore tuna). Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of essential fats that your body can’t produce.  Hence, you must obtain them through your diet.
  2. Dark Chocolate – Okay, let’s be real here. If am I going to eat chocolate, I opt for my all-time favorite white chocolate or occasional milk chocolate.  But I will give it a go.  I will put down the Chocolate Easter Bunnies scattered all over the shelves of the grocery stores right now and buy dark chocolate containing 70% or more cocoa.
  3. Fermented Foods – Teeming with probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha and believe it or not-- sauerkraut. These foods improve gut-health as well.  A healthy gut equals an improved mood-- and for me just feeling a little lighter on my feet.
  4. Bananas – They are a natural sugar, contain vitamin B6, prebiotic fiber. These all work together to keep blood sugar low and stabilize your mood. If you are in a hurry this is the perfect snack to grab while on the go.
  5. Oats – They stabilize blood sugar and are mood- boosting. Oats are high in iron which helps with fatigue, sluggishness and mood disorders.
  6. Berries – Sky high in antioxidants. If you cannot find fresh berries, buy frozen.
  7. Nuts and Seeds – They are plant-based proteins and healthy fats chock- full of fiber.
  8. Coffee – Yes, you read correctly. It is the world’s most popular drink!  The caffeine in coffee binds to the adenosine receptors (the receptors that promote tiredness) and effectively blocks their ability to work.   Therefore, you can become more alert and attentive.
  9. Beans and Lentils – They are high in fiber, plant-based proteins that are full of feel good nutrients.

In sum, during this stay at home order, lets all try to eat healthier in hopes of getting through this crisis feeling our best!   

From The Paseo Eatery to your home -- eat safe, happy and healthy!