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By: Emily Olstad
November 9th, 2021

How to Decide If Paseo is a Good Fit for You We love having people come to visit the Paseo Club. We get to meet so many wonderful people, and many of them become members here.

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By: Emily Olstad
November 2nd, 2021

Commitment can be scary. Especially in times like this, we know how unpredictable life can be, so any commitment feels nerve-racking. One thing we have all learned is how hard it can be to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in a year?” 

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By: Rylee Myers
October 19th, 2021

Court Membership vs. Fitness Membership When you're choosing the membership you want at the Paseo Club, the options may feel a bit overwhelming at first. Especially with all the different kinds of memberships and various add-ons, you may have a harder time trying to figure out which membership type is the best fit for you.

Paseo Club | Fitness | Health | santa clarita | gym

By: Rylee Myers
October 13th, 2021

Paseo Club vs. A Gym Looking for a place to work out that fits all of your fitness wants and needs can be difficult at times. In addition to that, the decision process can be both stressful and exhausting in itself. 

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By: Rylee Myers
October 12th, 2021

Santa Clarita is home to over 200,000 residents, with many of these residents being  children. For those who have children and live in Santa Clarita they are oftentimes looking for ways to get their children involved in sports and other fitness activities. 

Paseo Club | Pilates | Fitness | Health

By: Rylee Myers
October 6th, 2021

 Here at the Paseo Club we offer two types of Pilates Classes, such as Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer. In this video you will be informed as to what the differences are between the two, and watch demonstrations of some of the moves you might be doing in these classes.

Paseo Club | Fitness | Health

By: Rylee Myers
October 6th, 2021

Have you ever been in either a sauna or steam room because you wanted to relax your muscles after an intense workout, or even to just meditate and decompress after a long stressful day? You can indeed use these specified areas for this, but did you know there are real benefits in using a sauna and or steam room?

Paseo Club | Childcare | fun | kids club | activity

By: Rylee Myers
September 23rd, 2021

Are children allowed at the Paseo Club and if so, what does the Paseo Club offer for children?

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By: Paseo Club
July 21st, 2021

It is essential to understand the basic strategy and patterns in doubles.