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Personal Training
Paseo Club Blog

Paseo Club / Tennis Lessons / Personal Training / Tennis

Tennis drills vs private instruction at the Paseo Club

April 8th, 2024|4 min. read

Paseo Club / Personal Training

Meet the Personal Fitness Instructors at the Paseo Club

April 5th, 2024|5 min. read

Fitness / Santa Clarita / Personal Training / Santa Clarita Guide / SCV Local’s Guide / Local

What is the cost of a personal trainer in the Santa Clarita Valley? (8 benefits to hiring one)

March 11th, 2024|3 min. read

Paseo Club / Fitness / Personal Training / Pickleball

The Top 6 problems with the Paseo Club pickleball program — and the solutions!

March 8th, 2024|4 min. read

Santa Clarita / Group Exercise / Personal Training / Greatest Results Program / Santa Clarita Guide / SCV Local’s Guide

Small group classes vs Personal trainers at the Paseo Club

July 21st, 2023|7 min. read

Paseo Club / Fitness / Strength / Personal Training / SCV Local’s Guide

Terrie’s journey with strength training at the Paseo Club

June 23rd, 2023|3 min. read

Fitness / Personal Training / Exercise

The 9 benefits of personal training (and how it helps you to achieve your fitness goals)

April 7th, 2023|4 min. read

Workout / Group Exercise / Personal Training

Group Exercise vs. Personal Trainer

December 6th, 2019|1 min. read