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Group Exercise vs. Personal Trainer

December 6th, 2019 | 1 min. read

Group Exercise vs. Personal Trainer

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Physical exercise is a proven activity with both immediate and long-term benefits. In addition to improving your overall health, it reduces the risk of developing certain ailments, such as Type 3 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. But what exercise routine is best for you? Are you better suited for the vibe and synergy of a Group class-- or a self-guided regimen associated with a Personal Trainer. The answer lies in your workout preferences and your personality.

The positives of Group Exercise, as with Personal Training, begin with the instructor. At The Paseo Club, our staff of Certified Trainers come with over 15 years of experience. Instructors know and understand our members' names, physical profiles, goals and limitations. Some members develop a love for Group Exercise because of the camaraderie and sense of belonging. They form a bond with their fellow participants, growing to know them as "teammates in the trenches." Group Exercise promotes accountability-- a need to attend every session as a demonstration of support, not only for their newfound allies but their instructor as well, with whom they have fostered a distinct loyalty. An added perk at The Paseo Club is the inclusion of Group classes in the membership package. Many Club members have been attending the same classes for over 10 years.

But Group Exercise is not for everyone. Some prefer an individualized curriculum geared to specific goals and levels of fitness. A Paseo Club Personal Trainer will not only draft an actualized regimen for each participant, they will oversee that individual's safety, form and body alignment, making any necessary modifications over the course of the program. A Personal Trainer assures undivided attention in a one-on-one isolated environment. Some believe the greatest advantage to individualized workouts is the time factor: achieving the best possible results with the quickest turnaround. But buyer beware-- there is a downside. Cost. You will pay significantly more for a Personal Trainer than participating in a Group Exercise class, which again is a FREE program offered to Paseo Club members.

Regardless of your preference, the common denominator in both Group Fitness and Personal Training is EXERCISE. Basic physics state a body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest. It's up to YOU to make the choice.