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The benefits of finding community (and the top 10 places to find your people)

January 23rd, 2023 | 8 min. read

The benefits of finding community (and the top 10 places to find your people)

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In an age where technology both connects and separates us, being part of a community can benefit our well-being and increase happiness in day-to-day life. The truth is, without a community, we would be alone. 


Loneliness and isolation are states that go against our instinctual need for connection and relationships. They affect our very existence and how we experience our lives.


It is often hard to prioritize building or engaging in the local community. Between work, kids, errands, appointments, chores, (and let’s not forget taxes!) it is a wonder there is even time to brush our teeth.  


But without community, our mental, emotional, and physical health diminishes, and in some extreme instances, even leads to premature death. 


The Paseo Club is a social club that values health, fitness, and community. In addition to extensive exercise facilities, the Paseo Club hosts multiple social events — Wine Down Wednesdays and Taco Tuesdays, to name a few, to help build community in the Santa Clarita Valley.


In this article, you will learn what community means, how having a community affects your health, and how belonging to a community benefits you.



What does community mean?

Community refers to a group of people with something in common — physical proximity, personal interest or hobby, faith, culture, profession, or life stage.


But for a group of people to develop into a community, (beyond being casual acquaintances), there must be a sense of trust, care, and connection. 


Why are communities important?

As humans, even the most introverted of us are still social beings — we yearn for social connection and belonging. 


Finding a community of people similar to you in interests and lifestyle creates lasting connections and bonds.  A sense of community helps people feel supported and cared for through life’s challenges and successes. 


How does community benefit mental and emotional well-being?

Belonging to a community creates a feeling of security. Knowing “your people” have your back (and you have theirs) provides confidence in following your path — or deviating from it.  


Using your community as a sounding board for your thoughts and ideals, helps you not feel isolated in the world, especially when going through tough times.


Research shows that when people are part of a community, they have increased mental health.

  • Reduced loneliness
  • Decreased depression
  • Increased sense of support
  • Increased sense of purpose
  • A stronger feeling of belonging
  • Increased resilience to stress
  • Increased sense of unity and solidarity

How does community benefit physical well-being?

Being part of a social network not only boosts how you feel, it also changes how your body functions. You are less likely to be sick, to struggle with chronic health problems, and you may even extend your lifespan.


These benefits affect people of all ages, from children to seniors. 


Research shows that people with strong social networks have improved physical health compared to those who are socially isolated.

  • Increased lifespan
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lower incidents of cancer
  • Improved immune response
  • Faster recovery from cancer
  • Lower incidents of heart disease
  • Increased rate of healing from wounds
  • Increased function of the endocrine system 
  • Better overall health choices regarding abstaining from smoking, exercising regularly, and eating healthily

How to find a community

When you look to build or expand your community, consider the things that identify who you are.  


Is religion a big part of your identity? Look to your local church groups to find connections in Bible Study groups or within smaller community groups that meet to talk, debate, or engage in religious endeavors.  


Do you love to volunteer? Find a cause that speaks to you and join others in giving back within your community.  


Do you want to compete with other athletes? Find a club that engages in your favorite sports and join a team of others who love the thrill of the competition with you. 


Top 10 places to find community

Here is a complete list of where you can find a community. 

  1. Join a sports team
  2. Meet your neighbors
  3. Attend an alumni event or reunion
  4. Get help for yourself from a support group
  5. Volunteer at nonprofits or charitable organizations
  6. Attend church, temple, spiritual, or philosophical groups
  7. Rent a coworker space to connect with other freelancers 
  8. Look for online Meetup groups — new moms groups, DnD players, etc.
  9. Become a member of a social club that focuses on a topic you are interested in
  10. Team up with co-workers and go to a professional development event or conference to meet others in your field

Find community at the Paseo Palooza

Becoming a part of a community isn’t always easy, especially if you are new to an area. As an adult, reaching out to those around you may not feel natural. In fact, you may feel awkward or self-conscious. 


At Paseo Club, we understand just how essential being part of a community is to a healthy lifestyle. At the club, social connections get made by sweating it out at group fitness class, over glasses of wine on the porch, watching the game on Sundays, or doing pickup at Kids Club. 


In our annual open house, we open the doors of our club to show the Santa Clarita Valley all that we have to offer. 


If you’ve ever considered joining a community of people whose interests range from tennis to pickleball, group exercise to small group training, and value social connections, then please join us at Paseo Palooza February 3-5. Enjoy a weekend of the Paseo life and see if it’s the community you’ve been looking for


You are invited to schedule a tour of the club to check out our indoor and outdoor fitness areas, tennis and pickleball courts, and the junior Olympic pool. 


Check out these three articles to learn about fitness and the Paseo Club.