Child Care vs. Child Supervision - The Paseo Club

Structured schedules, programming and a Certified staff are all components of a reputable daycare service. But what separates mere child supervision from child “care”?

Maria Garcia, Kids Corner Staff Member at The Paseo Club, believes it all centers around “engagement” and the ability to foster a relationship with each respective child. “We make it a point to establish a personal connection with every child, during every visit. Children are encouraged to socialize and interact with one another, helping to develop interpersonal and communication skills between peers– and even adults.”

The Paseo Club’s Kids Corner also boasts an “electronic-free” facility. Cell Phones, tablets and video game devices are taboo. “We stress the importance of outdoor play, as well as crafts and indoor games. Children possess a lot of untapped energy that needs to be channeled and expressed in productive ways. It’s critical for young minds and bodies to develop their gross motor skills.”

The Paseo Club’s outdoor play area includes a traditional playground set, rubber balls and various outdoor toys, as well as a rock wall to encourage climbing and limb development. A children’s slide for the younger visitors satisfies the activity needs of every age group.

“We observe the various stages of childhood and corresponding milestones,” says Garcia.

“Our members have confidence and trust in our services because our staff possesses more than First Aid and CPR documentation. We pay close attention to each child’s abilities and capabilities, setting boundaries that allow them to grow in a safe and healthy environment.”

Child supervision and child care. Two separate services that form one reliable daycare facility. Fortunately for parents at The Paseo Club, the Kids Corner child care center provides both.