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The Introduction Of Chores To Children

June 1st, 2020 | 1 min. read

The Introduction Of Chores To Children

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By Freya Rodriguez - Kids Club Associate

The word "chore" isn't something most people think of in a positive light.

Yet, it is something we all eventually have to do which is why many parents introduce the concept to their children at an early age. Although, have you ever noticed that while kids may understand the idea of taking care of their own responsibilities at home, they eventually form this idea that they can rely on other authorities to do their own chores once they're away from common grounds?

Here at Kids Club/Corner, we encourage the kids to take responsibility for their actions and take care of their surroundings as if they were in the comfort of their own home. This includes putting toys away after he or she has used them, or throwing away scraps of paper that have fallen on the ground after craft time.

We also try to motivate the children to be responsible by encouraging them to work with others so that there's that mutual feeling of team work. Of course, our staff is always ready to assist those that need a little helping hand, but we believe it's important that children learn the concept of taking responsibility no matter where they are!